Why arched houses?

A key question that has been with our team since the beginning. I am writing about it because, despite everything, I believe that we too rarely ask ourselves the question "why". This was the case when our adventure with construction started a few years ago. At some point, we asked ourselves why most buildings and houses look the way they do. Why do most of them have vertical walls, sloping or flat roofs, repetitive layout of all the rooms... Is this the best model developed in the course of civilization evolution, or is it the result of a lack of willingness to ask the question why for several hundred years ago?

Why did we for thousands of years ago, actually leave the cozy caves only to live in cubes filled with flat surfaces and countless of sharp edges? Was it because the man was forced to move out and look for better prospects, tastier food, warmer climate? It seems as if we've turned our natural environment into figments of our mere imagination.

It has been proven that the original caving arched construction emanates a kind of energy that has a beneficial effect on the human body. It is our natural shelter where we feel subconsciously safe. A family-friendly place, a place beaming with only positive energy.

And so after many why-questions, we finally asked ourselves "why not?" and we decided to restore the idea of ​​a friendly human subconscious and nature-friendly arch construction. This is our story ...

Create your dream house

Awareness and ecology

What is our goal?

First of all, we want to avoid harming the surrounding environment when looking for optimal ways to acquire extraordinary places and well-thought-out solutions for creating cozy homes for all present and future inhabitants of our planet. We strive to make the question "Why?" to be more powerful and provoking in our lives wanting to ask "experts" questions and not being afraid to constructively challenge commonly used patterns. We want to start looking for new paths and new solutions.

Let's build in order to reduce the mountains of rubbish and plastic that our "civilization" has already produced. We love recycled materials, they will always be number one in our hearts and we dream about having as many of them as possible in our homes. One of the options for finishing the front façade involves the use of well-presented, recycled boards made of, among others, used PET bottles and wood dust, i.e. industrial waste. Reduce - Reuse - Recycle!

We strive to ensure that your homes are made of durable and solid materials built for generations to come. Such approach will ensure the optimal use of the constantly diminishing resources of our planet. The "cheap building" durability focusing only on our own age group without taking into consideration our future generations, is an extremely irresponsible attitude.