Beyond the shell...

Get to know the technology used in arched house construction

The areas and height of the arched house can be selected depending on your personal needs. Arched houses are characterized by high durability comparable to brick houses, however, the quality of thermal insulation goes beyond the capabilities of all ordinary houses! Arched houses can be used as all-year-round single-family houses, summer homes as well as houses without a permission for house construction when their area does not exceed 35m2.

Ecology and economy

Advantages of steel arched houses

Surface area of the house

Appropriately designed for the necessities of all areas from 35m up to 296m2

Quick construction time

Construction of roofing for a house with a 35 m area2 trwa 7 dni.

Fine insulation

Arched houses are perfect both as year-round houses but also as holiday houses.

25-year warranty

Aluminum-zinc anti-corrosive coating

Ovoville houses are characterized by an arched roof shape bringing certain advantages. The ratio of the area of the external partitions to the volume of the arch, is smaller than in other solids. We also minimize corners, kinks, partitions and thermal bridges where the greatest heat losses usually occur. The arch covering is made of two layers of sheet metal with a layer of insulation in between. All this makes our houses energy-efficient. The roof vegetation is also being used as thermal insulation that keeps the roof from warming up by about 30 ℃

Self-supporting steel arched elements

How do we construct?

Briefly said: quick construction time for many years to come. The system we have adopted for this purpose is probably the best tested and proven by the US Army itself. For several decades it has been tested in extremely difficult climatic and environmental conditions, ranging from the Arctic vastness to the hot sands of Africa. Mobile machines tused to profiling arched spans from steel, were transported by airplanes to every corner of the globe in order to be able to quickly prefabricate arched, steel, self-supporting objects.

Reduce - Reuse – Recycle!

What materials are we using?

What materials are we using? Mostly steel! Why not wood? The answer is simple. One 150-year-old beech gives us only a few meters 3 of raw wood that we can use to build with. But it is far more important to remember that those trees are in the first place a powerful oxygen factory for all of us. In order to find the oxygen balance we should plant more or less 1,500 seedlings in the place of one grown beech that was cut down. Please observe, that the most valuable hundred-year-old and fully grown Teak forests have practically already disappeared from our planet!

Why do we mainly build from steel? Because it is a 100% recyclable, extremely durable, maintenance-free, stable and safe kind of material. Of course you will find wooden elements in our projects as well, but only where their use is justified by the quality and aesthetic value. It can be window joinery, facade elements or some other interior details.


Arched ecohouse

The unbeatable ratio of the surface of external walls to the volume of an arched house is a key parameter when designing ultra-energy-efficient houses. All our buildings have the partition made of two layers of 1mm structural steel with installed insulation in between. We buy the extremely tight and "warm" insulation material from the Polish company Selena. For heating during the winter period, we used economical RS Infrared mats, plus an additional layer of roof vegetation from an expert in this field - the Xeroflor company offering us an effective weapon against heating of the interior in summer, without actually spending a dime. Overpaying is old-fashioned!

Fine structure without joints

Prefabricated arched elements

We have mobile profiling machines that prefabricate structural steel arches in S320GD coils with a thickness of 1 mm directly at the construction site. Each of the arched elements is made of one continuous material section. Thanks to this, we can obtain a fine structure without any joints over the entire span of the object. The houses are made of a double layer of steel filled with insulation in between. Each one of the arch spans is connected with the next one, using automatic folding machines. The "seam" connection guarantees the structure to be maintenance-free having the necessary tightness of the whole structure. Build wisely and for years to come!


You can cover your arched house with a layer of real vegetation

Remember! By building your arched house with us, you can cover it with a layer of real vegetation that produces oxygen, purifies the air, suppresses noise and insulates against changing weather conditions. When starting with the house construction, we borrow a piece of surface from the Earth intended for the construction of the building, but very quickly we are able to return over 150% of what was borrowed. The area of the arched roof is greater than the ground area of the projected house. The magic of the bow! The earth cannot be stretched, but it can be bent.