Modern Eco-house


We use recyclable materials to build our houses. It is mainly structural steel with a 25-year warranty on the anti-corrosion aluminum-zinc coating. A quarter of a century of maintenance-free construction operations not needing to use abrasives, solvents and varnishes used for the annual maintenance of interiors and facades of standard buildings.Value your own time!

When building our mini house, you take out a short-term loan from mother earth in the form of 35m 2 of land for about 7 days (the house construction time).

After this time, you pay off your commitment by giving2 50m of biologically active surface in the form of an arched roof covered with a layer of living, green, oxygen-purifying, noise-suppressing and air-purifying sedum. This pays off!

We replaced the traditional structural wooden framework with ultra-durable steel structures from Staldom company. One of the few wooden elements in our projects is the high-quality window and door joinery from the "Potoczny okna i drzwi drewniane" company, as well as front elevations and terraces. We have a dream to make our forests a better place, essentially for filling our lungs with oxygen necessary for our existence, and not only for obtaining raw materials, such as wood, for commercial purposes . Thanks to our forests we are still alive!

Not only about aesthetics

The roof covered with a layer of real vegetation

A green roof also brings many other benefits next to the aesthetic one. A two-centimeter layer of greenery is able to retain about 50-60% of rainwater. The roof of the Ovoville house with an area of 35m 2 produces oxygen for 35 people per year. Moreover, it can absorb as much as 10-20% of dust and gases from the air. It is also extremely effective in reducing noise through reflection and partial absorption of sounds, at around 20-30dB.

Overpaying is old-fashioned!


The unbeatable ratio of external walls to the volume of an arched house is a key parameter when designing ultra-energy-efficient houses. All our buildings are like that. The partition, made of two layers of 1mm structural steel, with installed insulation material in between those layers, is extremely tight and "warm". For heating in winter, we used economical infrared-emitting foils and air-conditioners with a heating function, plus an additional layer of roof vegetation that will give us an effective shielding and protection against summer warmth not making it too hot inside. Overpaying is old-fashioned!